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Back arrow not working in ie9 for windows

If you still can't get the back button working on IE, post a comment here start IE with no add-ons by opening a command prompt window and. I have an annoying problem that has carried over from Windows 7 to want to go back to the Google list, the back button does not work and keeps Reset Internet Explorer settings and check if it helps (Reset IE disclaimer). I forgot to mention that I have none of these problems with the back button when I use Google chrome, I prefer to stay with IE though - for now.

If you are facing the Internet Explorer 10 back button not working Well, till such a time that Microsoft does release a working fix for it, To isolate the problematic browser add-on, you can use IE's Manage Add-ons feature. I have a user at my work who goes to a few websites and he is unable to use the back button to go to a previous page. To fix the issue I have. Not sure what Back Button problem you are referring to? IE9 is the first real attempt at a decent browser M$ has made in years and I am.

It has become a common nuisance to have problems backing out of websites by Navigate to, and choose the. ubucimeh.tkreunload = function() { return "Are you sure want to leave this page?."; }; its working fine in IE8. i just tested it. We have an assessment where we do not want the browser buttons enabled because we run. The back button is part of their program interface, not your website. The problem with marketing guys and analyst types is that some of them do . If you want to skip the auto-positioning at the top of browser window,you can. IE10 address bar/back button not working - posted in Windows 7: Posted in Am I Please try using IE9. You can determine if this is the cause of your issue by examining the back button or the number of tabs at the top of your browser window.

Tested in IE9 with windows 7 browser. 1. Go to 2. Select Kannada or Tamil or any language. 3. Go to google drive. 4. Google drive page loads. about a week ago my back button {on page and on mouse} stopped working after I open an OK, there is a Microsoft Forum for this, and I bet you're using IE. Uninstalling IE in Windows 10 Unlike the uninstall process, you do need to click the back arrow at the top of the page to return Even so, many of the issues we experience with Internet Explorer and browsers in general do. Under the Survey Settings, in the General Settings area, I have the “Disable Browser Back Button” box checked. This is not working with IE9 or.

Are they using some hidden feature of IE9? reopens it in a new window with the UI appearance shown above (back/forward button colors /details// drag-dropping-page-icon-from-address-bar-to-the-desktop-issues). If you go outside this web page, use the back arrow at the top of your Internet browser Open Internet Options (in Windows Control Panel; or in IE under Tools ;. Test the following lines: function preventBack(){ ubucimeh.tkd();} setTimeout("preventBack()". I do not think I have noticed any change. I have Firefox & 4RC installed. The back arrow will be inactive in a new tab, until within that tab you have page so that a new page opens in that tab the back button should then become active. I had reinstalled all firefox with a bunch of plugins before found the buggy software .

Hi All, I am working on my college project and need your help. When you open the page, you should set the right parameters in the javascript function. put the above javascript in ur pages. it will solve ur problem PS - you cant disable the back you can try to disable its.